Appeal on Customs Decision Introduction


Service Description


  • This service allows customers the opportunity to appeal any decision issued by Dubai Customs that does not fulfil their needs
  • This service is the first step to be followed in order to find a way to challenge the decision provided by customs
  • The customer can submit a request to appeal to resolve any issue in the following areas
    • Appeal Decisions on Customs Tariff
    • Appeal Decisions on Prohibition and Restriction
    • Appeal Decisions on Origin
    • Appeal Decisions on Economic Agreements (FTA)
    • Appeal Decisions on Legal Cases
    • Appeal Decisions on Suspended Duties
    • Appeal Decisions on Customs Valuation
    • Appeal Decisions on Claim/ Forfeiture Demand Notice/ Invoice



Documents Required


The following documents are required to obtain this service:

  • Attach the evidences and proofs


In case of customs case:

  • Letter addressed to the head of the appeals committee stating the situation in details and includes all required attachments that supports your point of view
  • Signed Conciliation Settlement Request
  • Receipt payment of 50% of the total fine imposed which should not exceed fifty thousand dirhams
  • Deliver a cheque with Dubai Customs name that covers the remaining amount of the fine


In case of Customs Refund Management - Claim and Forfeiture

  • Company Request Letter
  • All the related documents
  • Demand Notice/ Invoice



Service Delivery Channels


  • Counter
  • Web
  • Mobile



Contact Information


Tel: 800 800 80



Estimated Time to Deliver


Less than 2 Hours